The Secret Sauce Behind Successful A5 Notebook Corporate Giveaways

An A5 notebook definitely gets attention. It’s not everyday that somebody would give away an A5 notebook. People definitely would welcome an A5 notebook because its value is quite obvious. Compare this with receiving a pen with a supplier’s logo on it. You probably would roll your eyes because you’ve seen many of these corporate gift pens throughout your career. In fact, they are so generic you probably won’t even notice them. Everything else being equal, that’s kind of the impression ballpoint pen giveaways tend to produce. An A5 notebook, on the other hand, stands on its own because it’s so dramatic and it’s obvious that this kind of giveaway is kind of expensive.


With that said, it’s too easy to do things in such a way that you end up failing, seriously. When you fail to plan, you are really planning to fail. You can’t just do things by the seat of your pants and expect things to pan out. That’s just playing with fire. You might as well roll the dice with your corporate giveaway strategy if that’s the case. You need to start the process by resolving to be more systematic and methodical.

Start with a Solid ROI Plan

Why is your corporation giving away corporate gifts? Why is your corporation spending millions of dollars on marketing every single year? Why is your company obsessed with effecting the right public persona?

The answer should be pretty straightforward. All these questions lead to one place: a solid return on investment. If they don’t, then you’re doing things wrong, seriously. It doesn’t get any more basic than that. You need to make sure that your marketing and branding initiatives yield a positive return on investment. Accordingly, your complete corporate giveaway plan has to have ROI right in the middle. If it doesn’t, then throw away that plan and start from scratch.


Pick the Right Recipients

Since you’re trying to maximize the return on investment of your corporate gifts, like the prospective A5 notebook giveaway, you need to pick the right recipients. Ask yourself whether these organizations and individuals have the capacity to order at such a high volume that whatever costs you put into your giveaway plan would not only be recovered, but multiplied many times over.

What you’re trying to do here is not just break even. Any organization can do that. Instead, you are trying to create a profit. You’re trying to establish a long-term relationship that would not only be profitable in the near future, but would continue to put hard-earned dollars in your bank account over the span of many years.

Use the A5 Notebook as the Top Reward for an Established Relationship

Once you get your foot in the door and a client is ordering goods and services from your company, start rewarding that client. The initial rewards should be fairly straightforward. We’re talking about restaurant gift certificates, possibly branded clothing, maybe tickets to professional basketball games, or timeshare reservations.

What’s important here is that the rewards have to scale up according to the value of the relationship. If you’re dealing with a company that’s only giving you maybe $10,000 for the business every single year, then the gifts that you give them must mirror this value.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with cheap gifts. The gifts can be aspirational, meaning they can be a little bit more valuable because you aspire the relationship to be worth more in terms of dollars and cents in the near future. You can do that. By no means does this involve you jumping the gun and giving your contact to that company an A5 notebook. That’s not going to work.

Use the A5 notebook as the top reward for an established relationship. In other words, the relationship has scaled up enough as far as dollar value is concerned that there is a pattern of escalation that you can reliably bank on. If you notice that the sales relationship has essentially hit a plateau in dollar value, you might want to hold off on expensive gifts.

Incentivize Yourself to Follow Up on Your Relationships

Now, just because you’re not giving an A5 notebook to an existing customer doesn’t mean that they won’t be worthy of such an expensive gift in the future. Always think ahead. And the best way to do this is to incentivize yourself to follow up on this relationship.

You have to remember that you already have a foot in the door. They’re already doing business with you. At some level or other, they already trust you with their dollars.

The next step is to remind yourself that there is money at the end of this tunnel. By simply keeping in touch with them, asking them what they need, and giving them small gifts, open opportunities for potential new business. The opportunity’s always there with existing relationships to take the dollar value of that relationship to a whole other level.

Remember to Monetize Your Link Over the Long Haul

Another way to play this game is to zero in on a relationship that may be on a plateau, but has potential upside. Maybe the company just launched a new product that is a big hit. Maybe the company is in the process of possibly being acquired by a much larger company. Whatever the case may be, a simple investment of relatively expensive corporate gifts like an A5 notebook at this present time may enable you to monetize your link over the long haul. What this means is that you are investing expensive assets now with the expectation that things will take a different direction as far as the overall evolution of the relationship.

Now, it should be fairly obvious to you that there is a little bit of a risk here. Considering the realities of modern-day corporate America, a company that may be on the brink of being bought out today may also be on the brink of going out of business in a few years. That’s just the business climate we live on. So understand that to some extent, you are rolling the dice by investing in your relationships in the form of relatively expensive corporate giveaways like an A5 notebook.

Pack as Much Value into Your Relationship by Asking for Add-On Referrals

After you’ve given away your A5 notebook packages, the next step is to pack as much value into the relationship. How do you do this? Well, the most obvious is simply to ask for add-on referrals. You have to remember that business success involves the realization that there is no such thing as a business island. What this means is that a client of yours in a particular industry is probably dealing with vendors and suppliers in that same industry. By talking to those vendors and suppliers, they can refer you to your client’s existing competitors, or other big companies in other industries. This can go on and on and on.

Accordingly, you need to pack as much value over your existing relationship by asking for referrals. It wouldn’t hurt. It’s not a trade secret. In many cases, it won’t put your existing client at a competitive disadvantage. They’re just sharing information regarding their network.

Your goal is to recreate this network on your end so you have a lot more business prospects. While your existing client may not be sending you more business, they’re actually giving you something far more valuable: they’re letting you tap into their commercial network, which may be worth millions of dollars more than the current volume of business you’re doing with your existing client base.

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